Team Mingo’s White Knew Speaker’s Votes Weren’t In His Favor

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — From a purely selfish standpoint, I was hoping to witness an unprecedented contested floor vote for House speaker.

However, being a banker by trade, House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White, D-Mingo, knows how to count numbers — and couldn’t come up with a scenario where the numbers worked out in his favor.



Little Support for Team Mingo’s White Ends Speaker’s Race

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Barring some completely out-of-left field maneuver, it appears the race for the Speaker of the House of Delegates is over.House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White, D-Mingo, announced Friday morning on Hoppy Kercheval’s “Talkline” that he is bowing out of the Speaker race and lending his full support to opponent House Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley, D-Harrison.

“I just don’t think now is the time to create division within the Legislature,” White told Kercheval.

He pointed out the next regular Legislative session will begin in January and there are only 11 months until the next primary election. He said “the numbers are pretty close” in the House, with Republicans making up 46 of the 100 House seats.


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Team Mingo 2012 Facebook Page

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Despite Allegations of Campaign Ethics Violations….H.K. White Won’t Drop Out of House Speaker’s Race

CHARLESTON, W.V.a. — The latest update in the House speaker’s race is that nothing much has changed: Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley has enough commitments to win the Democratic nomination in caucus, but apparently not enough to convince House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White, D-Mingo, to withdraw his candidacy.

Their meeting in Charleston Thursday evening to try to work out an agreement for White to drop his candidacy in order to allow the Democratic caucus to nominate Miley by acclamation did not prove fruitful.


Feds In Williamson; Looking at Team Mingo


The Williamson Daily News has confirmed that federal investigators and members of the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) have recently been to the Mingo County Courthouse.

“I shook his hand,” said Frank Yates, a local citizen who frequents the Mingo County Courthouse. “He had a funny last name.”

When asked if the name was (Joe) Ciccarelli, Yates said, “Yeah, that’s it. He was kidding me about my walking stick.” Yates carries a long cane/walking stick around with him all the time.



Team Mingo Violations Cost H.K. White Speaker Position – Probable Winner: Miley

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Although counting heads prior to a legislative party caucus is an imprecise science, it appears going into a House Democratic caucus some time later this month, House Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley, D-Harrison, has more than enough votes at the moment to win the majority nomination as House speaker.

While that would be a victory for those wishing to (mostly) maintain the status quo in House leadership, and a victory for the labor unions that backed Miley, the biggest winners in a Miley speakership (at least they seem to think so) is the state GOP.